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Let’s be healthy

Day 18. Let’s make a better decision on eating out. A steak or a salad. Both were almost the same price wise. But using #myfitnesspal app the salad was my best choice. Plus it was huge, and tasty.  


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One week with my misfit and myfitnesspal app

Down 5.2 pounds with using the real misfit device instead of the app for the pebble watch. Then linking it to the new myfitnesspal app on my iPhone has helped me lose a real 5lbs of weight. I’ve found that using the misfit with its clip instead of the watch strap is more accurate (but really all these smart watches and fitness devices are just guesstamators) but some tracking is better than no tracking. Then at night I just attach the device to my dive watch to track my sleep. How that works I don’t know but it’s kinda freaky in it’s accuracy of my sleep. The biggest help is the actual diary of what you eat. Yes I’m a foodie snapping pictures of what I eat to help remind me of the junk in my gut. But the fitness app lets me know when I’ve reached my eating goal and then deducts my exercise if I have that no no donut. I plan on getting back to 175lbs. It’s doable. So follow along if you want.




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More on Cicero

He had many more words and fragments of the longer multi-paragraph form of “Lorem Ipsum” that can also be found in this passage of <!-De Finibus. The passage, in its entirety, relates to hedonism, and how sometimes we do unpleasant things to reach pleasurable goals, and sometimes indulgence in pleasure can incur painful consequences. The passage concludes, “The wise man therefore always holds in these matters to this principle of selection: he rejects pleasures to secure other greater pleasures, or else he endures pains to avoid worse pains.”