Monthly Archives: June 2019

Time to “wine” down

with the rain on the tin roof

Range therapy

let’s shoot some rounds down range with the glock boys.

Let’s Mexican

chicken cheese and some mashed green stuff.

33 years ago…

They say 33 is the magic number. And this is a very rare glimpse as an old #jarhead

Yes, I like bacon

#blackpepper bacon to be exact.

Salmon on some hipster euro mishmash

it was tasty #london

East meets West over drinks

It’s hard being a rubber duck. That was this evenings consensus. #partyon

Safari duckey makes it to Stonehenge

#london #stonehenge was a blast. But we didn’t see any extraterrestrial life. Just a stone pole barn in the middle of a cow field. #bucketlist

Fish n chips. London style.


Salmon with deep fried Lemon wedges

From Red Robbin. Was very delicious. Was thinking that it was going to be topped with pineapple, but to my surprise the deep fried lemons were fantastic.