Monthly Archives: July 2019

This is the types of news that we need more of

Get all the details Here


They’ve invaded GA

Seems going all “Dukes of Hazzard” on a Tump sign got this person some explaining to do to Rossco. Full story Here

So if you question the alphabet soup….you get no bowl

Full story here on her Banning on twitter

Pizza n bacon


Turn it to off

It will change your life.

Sometimes it’s just to easy

When will we get our country back from the deep state?

Wine me down

After 450 miles to my hometown and back. Let’s wine.

A day in the life of the new worker

This is what happens when you allow MDM on your personal phone by your company.

Dear left

…I’m a veteran and if this offends you, then you can depart across a demarcation line that separates you from the rest of America.

Well twitter just told me this was “offensive”

And I had to verify my account because I supported chris Pratt wearing his T-shirt…this in fact is getting ridiculous