Monthly Archives: August 2019

100 more days…

Yes, please Barnard explain how my tax dollars is going to stop volcanoes.

If you have not watched “Sticks n Stones” yet…

Cause these crybabies have and can’t stand to be called out for there total bullshit snowflake truths. I was ditching Netflix and then this came on. Watched it THREE times. The best is the 20 min after concert interviews Dave does with his fans. Watch that as well.

I can’t express this enough

Because there is a future beyond fbag. And everyone is tired of the spying.

It’s starting to feel like fall

…and there’s a grave yard at the Nashville zoo.

I’m sad I got rid of my Jeep

So much for being a tech at Apple…

Guess starting your own company will be easier than getting a promotion. Full story again


Why I’m ditching Netflix

Get the story Here before it’s too late

It’s camping weather

Time to get some Mother Nature

Here’s a great read if you want to increase you photo skills

You can use this app with any iPhone. Get the story Here