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In the south, we don’t worry to much about feelings

So bless your heart if I’ve offended you.

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When satire is being real

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Because the left can’t handle the truth.

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Dear Barnard supporters…

40 plus years ago I came into the realization that Santa wasn’t real. Was I heartbroken. Not really. When I was told it wasn’t a magical invisible being giving me gifts but it was my parents, I was like my parents rock! Remember your own childhood Santa story when you go vote. Understand that shits not free. Santa isn’t real. But the “gifts” you get, someone sacrificed time and effort for your benefit. If you’re a Bernie supporter, you need to grow the fuck up. You’re no longer a child. Wishful thinking isn’t going to make stuff appear in your mail box. Unless your hoping for a check. Sure that can happen. But unlike Santa where all you had to do was be a good little boy or girl, Ol Saint Bernie has a few strings attached. More like a rope. Hanging from a tree. With that I bid you a good night and sweet dreams. Cause that’s all the best the democraps can give you, is a dream. That has no jobs. No food. No substance.