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To my health

Grilled miso glazed salmon with grilled vegetables and salad. The bacon vinaigrette dressing is to die for. Izzys knocked it out of the park again. 

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The food porn has been very light for a reason

Spending 5 days in the hospital again for eating cheap pizza. Happened over a year ago with the same place. So after about $100k in hospital bills between the two different stays I’m never going to have them again. Not saying if you eat this chains pizza you’ll be on the cutting slab, just for me it’s no more of them.

But bright side down 12lbs since the 19th and going to make my health more of a priority. Not had a drinky drink since the 16th, which ive went longer with no issues but now that the Dr.’s are making it a big issue I really want a drink. In the past I could just say no and no problemo. Now that it’s a forbidden, the “I want a Rita” is kicking in. But cold turkey is cold turkey.