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It’s been 20 years

My last pair of “smiths” was in 2001…so I did a thing. (Cool story Toby had a house in Hilton Head next door to Stan. Nice guy, he liked the shoes. I put them up afterwards. But when I last checked on them time and the elements of being stored in the garage at the old house didn’t do them justice. I was mad but it was my fault. So I took them to goodwill, the autograph had since faded into the crumbled leather and to keep them would have just been what I call “holding onto shit and calling it memories” besides the real reason I put them up was the entire flight back to cleveland Toby made jokes about letting someone write on my shoes. And well he was right. Back then social media and taking a photo of everything wasn’t a real thing. Our Collective narcissism hadn’t fully reached its potential because of technology. While ol tob was a rich drunk I didn’t discount his wisdom sometimes. “The hand shake should have been good enough” I think his jokes were a way of getting back at me and now over 20 years later being at his age I understand. Yes I’m “sharing” on the very thing that this goes against for a purpose. Hope you get it.


Just an Old Jarhead ranting about his lawn.

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