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Just an Old Jarhead ranting about his lawn.

The new ghostbusters trailer looks…way effin better than that last abortion of a film they hacked last year

Catch it Here for some cool mashup.

Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 share same release date….

Time is just a construct and we’re all just batteries for the system.

Helpful tips on iPad OS 13

Watch this video for some tips on external hard drives and how to use a mouse with your iPad Pro that has the USB C connection. (Not the lighting iPad Pro)

So…a drug lord is selling cell phones…that fold

I thought it was a joke…apparently it’s not. Here’s the hype on YouTube

Remember 40 yrs ago they were telling us about climate change

It wasn’t global warming….it was going to be a new ice age. So watch for yourself Here on YouTube of the junk science and “spooky” music of the 70’s

Having this for my feeding time

It still works.

How I do my intermittent fast

The weight before the meal was 198.2. at 8 am I was 200.1. My window will be 4pm for a 16hr or noon for a 12hr break. Saturday was supposed to be a regular meal day but I may have to mark it as the “feast day.”

The trend is gaining traction. It’s now on NPR. The article is linked Here for the read.

It has worked for me

Get the full article Here

When they bring snacks and you’re on a budget meal

So if you say something about Adam shiftzforbrains…jack gets mad.