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He warned us about Barry

He told us and it took 12 yrs for it to come to light. Now I’m with george. I will vote in the next two elections to run the RINOS out let the democrats have 100% of it. Either all the glory or all the blame.

We as a country ended on JAN 7, 2021. Not because of a rigged election but because we had one chance to right a wrong. Elections have always had some sort of shenanigans, but this went way over the top. And those who could have fixed it proved Carlins point. Its useless.

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Two things

One. I love this simple meal. Two. My cheap ass iPad takes better photos than my expensive iPhone. If Apple comes out with a flip phone ima all in on that and just hotspot and Wi-Fi my iPad til the battery runs out. I really don’t need a keyboard I can just tell Siri what to type out and make that happen just like this paragraph it was all done with voice. Been writing my new book using Siri and so far the notes work just fine just like this blog.