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Shopping fuel

So let’s math this out. It’s $20 before taxes or tips. So divided by 3 it’s the same as 3 drive thru meals and since its brunch I’ve only got one meal left and what you’re not seeing is the French toast I had with it so nix any other food for the day and here ya go…savings and dieting and eating what I want. (Lost 3lbs so far by doing this)

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Damn ima full

Catfish. Gator tail. Cod. Deep fried corn on the cob. Fries. Ok. I’m going to actually go on that diet I keep talking about. Can’t tie my shoes today.

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So…let’s math

If you buy one dbl stack it’s $8 for just an extra patty. But if you by 2 single stacks it’s $10. So for go the $2 soda get a free water and get the extra whole burger. Eat what you can. Save the rest for later (ya got two boxes of fries so yea leftovers will fit in one box) and you’re done for the day for your meals.