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When a NASCAR drivers says they “aren’t a car person”

But yet just has this laying around, I’m floored at how life loves to kick us car nuts…IN THE NUTS.

So let’s send money to some hacks in Brussels…

see if that will make the earth a safer place to live on

I slowed down a little.

it’s my humpday. On a Monday. Just one more of these left.

Time travel

I think meat head is still thinking he’s on stage.

Forget WhatsApp

use the source code. It’s better and isn’t all “facebaggy”

Frost on the last day of April

hashtag globalwarmingISbullshit

No more water

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Time to start your own facebook…it’s called blogging

SAN FRANCISCO — Mikita Burton has had a Facebook account for nine years, nearly as long as her youngest child has been alive. And, until arguments about the presidential election spread like a contagion throughout her news feed, she averaged three hours a day chatting with friends on the social network.

Now, she tops out at 20 minutes, has deleted the app from her phone and traded in Facebook for Instagram. The 41-year-old mother of three from Overland, Kan., posts on Facebook once a week, catching up with close friends by texting, calling or meeting them for coffee or happy hour.

“The less time I spent on Facebook, the better I felt,” says Burton, who works for the school district

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They done stepped in poo #russiagate

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