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A small BBQ snack

This and 2 drinks with a small tip was $15. Two years ago could have had 3 of these for the same price. Place was dead and begging for help at $18 per hr. Yea where not in a good place and it’s not getting any better.

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Remember when I said a list is coming

The left started this while Trump was in office, yet there’s no Alex Jones…he hadn’t been deplatformed during this timeframe, but is missing even tho a few of these people had been on his show. And his show has been around a very long time. So the whole “study” is just a made up POS document to score points for what’s to come.

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Make sure you always read the fine print in those “Terms of service” agreements

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Valid question

We’re broke and they want to spend another 6 trillion on stupid stuff…I thought the whole vax montra was “if it could save just one life it’s worth it”…well let’s start here with some actual help and real science.