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More on Cicero

He had many more words and fragments of the longer multi-paragraph form of “Lorem Ipsum” that can also be found in this passage of <!-De Finibus. The passage, in its entirety, relates to hedonism, and how sometimes we do unpleasant things to reach pleasurable goals, and sometimes indulgence in pleasure can incur painful consequences. The passage concludes, “The wise man therefore always holds in these matters to this principle of selection: he rejects pleasures to secure other greater pleasures, or else he endures pains to avoid worse pains.”

#Santacon needs a lawyer for Christmas cheer

SantaCon, an annual pub crawl in New York City that has earned a reputation for reckless debauchery, has retained famed civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel to represent them.

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“My” Dark Knight Rises over Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway gave  an interview with Oprah where she specifically mentions that she has been cast as “Catwoman” in The Dark Knight Rises. SAWEEEET!

Naked Joyrides Not Illegal in Nebraska! But Naked DUI Is?

A Nebraska man took the freedom of the road to a new level last week when he was cited while enjoying a naked joyride.

Nickolus Borgman was driving down a road somewhere near Lincoln, Nebraska when a sheriff’s deputy spotted his pick-up truck. As the deputy approached the vehicle, he realized what was going on. The passengers–one man and two women in addition to Borgman, according to the Associated Press–were on a naked joyride.

That wasn’t the only thing going on, either. Nickolus Borgman, of Lincoln, was also busted for a naked DUI.

The deputy found the passengers’ clothing in the truck bed, details the AP. The truck also smelled distinctly of alcohol. And for those out there who see a connection between getting drunk and stripping down, the truck didn’t smell like vomit. Or at least no one is reporting it did.

Nickolus Borgman was eventually cited for his first naked DUI, which is apparently his third DUI overall. He was also ticketed for having an open container, no seat belts, and crowding the front seat.

Borgman, however, was not cited for being naked. Apparently, it isn’t illegal to go on a naked joyride in Nebraska. As authorities told the Associated Press, as long as no one is “alarmed,” all is well.

Now, what does the story of the naked DUI tell us? If you want to drive naked, head to Lincoln, Nebraska, where people aren’t easily alarmed. But, whatever you do, don’tdrink the Kool Aid. It got Nickolus Borgman in a bit too much trouble.

Stephanie Rabiner via E vil larry