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It’s February

They can’t admit they got fucking angry letters from every Jeep owner like myself about to trade them in for Fords or Toyota’s. That’s what’s sad. Still not Impressed. Build a product not an idea. If your shit is good the endearment will follow.

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Oh hell no

If true then females can get it on there’s as well…hey skippymcdumbfuck it’s called the clit.

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See the funny thing is…

While working for Walmart I helped out a small bit in one of the test locations. Having worked for Amazon in ICQA (inventory quality control) Walmart and Amazon were similar in checking stock and what’s on the shelves. The thing I kept repeating over and over and nobody listened because of corporate suck ups was

People who shop are lazy as fuck and won’t put items back where they got them. The stupid robot isn’t designed to figure that simple task out. So your going to be off on each and every count. Oh and people steal shit but that’s a whole other story.

Anyway lots of people were moved around and some positions cut trying to automate the shipping and receiving process. Actually money wasted that could have hired more people or increased the pay to keep great workers willing to do hard manual work.

Glad that it’s done. Next time I’ll become a consultant and fix the retail industry make bank and get a yacht. 

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Apples new iPhone

Here it is….

Wait this is just an iOS 14 information page.

And you would be correct. Cause guess what any new device is going to be running. IOS14. Period. Done end of story.

Oh and the device you currently have in your hand…if you update is going to be…iOS 14.

Sure some new cameras. Different screen sizes. Colors. All which will be hidden in a case and pretty much do the same things as the last iPhone did or the one you have in your hand. Except for one thing. Not be paid in full. So what should you do? Buy it if you want it. Buy it if you need it. But if what you have has good battery life (not how long you use it but how much of it is left) and the screen and caseback is not broken or busted. Then save your money. Cause there’s a new phone coming out next year. And the year after that.

The one big thing