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24 hrs in

The gmt hand is much more accurate than the explorer II I got from them a month ago. I love the dial of the exp II but this one is growing on me as well. Would I pay $24k for a vintage “Steve McQueen” Rolex vs the $150 for this one, fuck no. I’ve debated on selling my rollies and getting a shit ton of micro brands. But I sacrificed way too much to get my first one and my anniversary watch will go on my arm to my grave unless the kid takes an interest in it. But will I buy another $10k watch…not unless I can get it for a grand or less.

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Shopping fuel

So let’s math this out. It’s $20 before taxes or tips. So divided by 3 it’s the same as 3 drive thru meals and since its brunch I’ve only got one meal left and what you’re not seeing is the French toast I had with it so nix any other food for the day and here ya go…savings and dieting and eating what I want. (Lost 3lbs so far by doing this)