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See children back in the day…

The internet was slow. Some folks who didn’t know what chasing tale was figured out in their spare time that you could separate audio from CD’s and use a algorithm to shrink the song into a smaller file size and place it on a hard drive. Then using the internet for its intended purpose you could allow other people access to your music collection. That you paid for. Cause in the real world if you exchanged money for an item and you had possession of that item in a physical form it was called ownership. But some cunts with a piece of paper that said they spent a shitton of money for a fancy title called lawyer begged to differ and now we have blue hair fuckers calling themselves non-binary unicorns….

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Wrist check

The hands aren’t red it just pick it up from the light. But I think if they were done in red it would work better than just trying to be a low cost omega. Which I have a few of.