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Test 2

Test 2




When you grill…

Grill a lot for the next day

Star Trek…a fun time. 

Well worth the money. Go see it. 

How to stay happy

Hot times

Guess the end is near. World is upside down but we have pokiemon go to save us.

Why the bozo filter matters

When you use Facebook, they control everything. So  


Marvel Dating Tips

…..we now go to the marvel break room,  



You can’t stop it so might as well deal with it. 

60 days and missing the mark….and new toys

Lost the misfit, and stop using the my fitness pal app. Trying to make the windows phone a useful thing, but it’s hard when no one is supporting a good phone. The windows phone even fried the pebble watch. But I got a knock off iWatch and it actually works with the windows phone. But it’s not going to last long, and it’s not a very well constructed device the knockoff iWatch. Tomorrow is the last day of May and I should be under 200lbs.

 I’ve not weighed myself in almost 3 weeks, and I don’t have too, I know I’m back at 215. With that said I’ll be hitting the gym in the am everyday for the next month, no excuses.