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Having this for my feeding time

It still works.

How I do my intermittent fast

The weight before the meal was 198.2. at 8 am I was 200.1. My window will be 4pm for a 16hr or noon for a 12hr break. Saturday was supposed to be a regular meal day but I may have to mark it as the “feast day.”

The trend is gaining traction. It’s now on NPR. The article is linked Here for the read.

A little Italy tonight

From E. Enjoy

I’ll take two

If I win the lottery

Get the Details here

A cool movie about some rock n roll.

It’s camping weather

Time to get some Mother Nature

Here’s a great read if you want to increase you photo skills

You can use this app with any iPhone. Get the story Here

Someone was thinking outside of that box for sure

Very cool indeed

Ahhh the 80’s

Got the SXM app so I got satellite no matter where I go. Without dropouts and better sound quality.

See what happens when you work hard at something you like