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Sleep Easy After Evening Exercise By Adjusting Your Meal Schedule

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Tazikis time. Going to try to make the most of this reportedly bad weather heading this way

Want privacy…use HTTPS and a VPN.

It’s super simple. Always use HTTPS. Your ISP will know where you went but won’t know what you’re doing. Use a VPN. If you just want to hide from the ISP a free solution is fine. Want to really be safe pay for a VPN and make sure they don’t keep logs of your traffic. Always use a VPN when on a free open WI-FI network. Don’t use google. Use DuckDuckGo. Simple tips but nothing is truly safe. 

Speaking truth to power.

Best podcast in the universe

My bacon-foo was lacking this am


Mans best friend

My 1st real meal since I’ve been getting over the flu. I might have seconds.