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What the actual eff

Read this diatribe Here


That 15 minutes was up 2 hrs ago

Quit giving idiots press (yea I know but it’s a reminder of NOT WHAT TO DO)

Yea…I’m going to pass.

When 5 million people like that you’ve actually manned up

The couple has been together since 2007 and share daughters Tiana, 1, and Jasmine, 3….but trump is a womanizer. Got it. Story here…with slant.

When comedy writers don’t really have to work hard…

It writes itself Full story here

Sad when satire has to cover all bases

It’s funny but Read for yourself here

The legitimate country of Israel has a right to be respected. Please listen to the truth.

The full reason from the Prime minister of Israel is here

I’m going to file this under wtaf

I know giving them traffic is bad but if you need a midweek dose of batshit crazy get it Here at the batshitcrazy place

Ok this crap is getting out of hand

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Dayum the mooche is a midget.

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