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How I do my intermittent fast

The weight before the meal was 198.2. at 8 am I was 200.1. My window will be 4pm for a 16hr or noon for a 12hr break. Saturday was supposed to be a regular meal day but I may have to mark it as the “feast day.”

The trend is gaining traction. It’s now on NPR. The article is linked Here for the read.

So if you say something about Adam shiftzforbrains…jack gets mad.

I’m always “ish”

A little Italy tonight

From E. Enjoy

Look at my meat

Go ahead…look at it.

How we brunch on fridays

First watch. (And yes you can tell them how many slices of bacon you want)

It’s starting to feel like fall

…and there’s a grave yard at the Nashville zoo.

I’m sad I got rid of my Jeep

Sad when satire has to cover all bases

It’s funny but Read for yourself here

Glad Donald Trump is proving how racist he is

I do. (Oh sorry I didn’t put a picture of one here)