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It’s camping weather

Time to get some Mother Nature

So….Trump is hating on China but the left claims THE PRESIDENT is homophobic. Turns out China is.

Get the full story here

Rita time

The storm hasn’t landed but the tequila has.

East meets West over drinks

It’s hard being a rubber duck. That was this evenings consensus. #partyon

Safari duckey makes it to Stonehenge

#london #stonehenge was a blast. But we didn’t see any extraterrestrial life. Just a stone pole barn in the middle of a cow field. #bucketlist

Kids trip

he’s all grown up

Vending machines in Amsterdam

hey ‘Merica lets do something about this

…the little things that make me


So, where’s my hobbit

I ordered the 44mm. But check out that swanky chiner packaging. “Lord of the rings” (it’s a watch cover not a tool of middle earth)

Who says a diet has to be crappy