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So….Trump is hating on China but the left claims THE PRESIDENT is homophobic. Turns out China is.

Get the full story here

How we’re going to get Greenland for nothing

Negative mortgage rates in Denmark means the place will be free. So how this will happen is explained here on The keiser report

Sometimes it’s just to easy

When will we get our country back from the deep state?

Dear left

…I’m a veteran and if this offends you, then you can depart across a demarcation line that separates you from the rest of America.

Well twitter just told me this was “offensive”

And I had to verify my account because I supported chris Pratt wearing his T-shirt…this in fact is getting ridiculous

Feel the bern…

this sums it up…

No agenda time

gets me thru the day

Does this look like herpes?

..cause it looks like he got a dick sore on his lips.

Coffee time



just who was that guy?