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How we’re going to get Greenland for nothing

Negative mortgage rates in Denmark means the place will be free. So how this will happen is explained here on The keiser report


When 5 million people like that you’ve actually manned up

The couple has been together since 2007 and share daughters Tiana, 1, and Jasmine, 3….but trump is a womanizer. Got it. Story here…with slant.

The legitimate country of Israel has a right to be respected. Please listen to the truth.

The full reason from the Prime minister of Israel is here

Want to see how we are all going to be fooled in the days and weeks to come. Watch the videos

See Bill turn into Tom without fail

Watch here Bill turns into Tom

The podfather has given us his wisdom so listen at the link below.

Get the Podfather podcast here

Well I’m sure you don’t care if she can cook

But I bet she can.

I’m going to file this under wtaf

I know giving them traffic is bad but if you need a midweek dose of batshit crazy get it Here at the batshitcrazy place

Well isn’t that a kick in the jewels

Seems if you like certain aspects of the interwebs you might want to invest in some tape over your cameras. Full article here at Business week

What I own legally isn’t anyone’s business

Make sure you remember that when you hear Redflag laws from anyone’s mouth. Including Trumps.

This lying horseface gets media attention why?

This story brought to you by the fine folks at Breitbart