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How to help a hypocrite

Circle the shit, end it with an arrow. From their own #WEBSITE


If you know me

I just don’t say it…I own it. #truthbomb

Time to go full retard on DC

Let’s get the popcorn ready.

In your daily hold my beer California challenge

Not only in New York can you have a law degree and not be a citizen, California ups it by putting you into a state ran political position.

Your Monday mumble

let’s get back to the basics

They done stepped in poo #russiagate

The story Here

Bernie is at it again…

Yes it’s turkey day. I just had some pancakes. So sue me. I’ll diet next week when I shave.

We got jipped during the eclipse 

About 1 mile away here in Franklin from the “dark side”. Wasn’t totally night but it got dim. ​

The Koch brothers are just “kocks”

So why do conservatives and particularly, Koch Industries demonize public school teachers and their unions? It is simply because their goal is to privatize and change the education system in America to reflect their twisted free-market philosophy. At Koch Industries’ semi-annual policy meetings, one of the subjects they discuss and strategize are how to shape the education system in America to meet their requirements. It is the main reason that conservatives want a school voucher system for education. Private schools, religious schools, and home-schools can ignore state mandated curriculum and pay teachers minimum wages while teaching that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and the climate is controlled by god. If conservatives can convince more people that climate science is invalid, it will be much more difficult to pass environmental regulations that the energy industry is opposed to.