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You have to love the BEE over the ONION these days

Get the Humor here

The WOZreport

Get this great read here on 9to5 mac

Yep. Pretty much

Every time

Stormfury and it’s followers

The story At a taxpayer funded agency is here

The truth about the news in less than a minute

Watch and share this simple video before it’s too LATE TO WATCH

My guns have killed no one…but her ego has murdered two

The left is a cancer on our society. When killing the unborn becomes “ok” because they are not ready or it’s an inconvenience, just imagine how they actually think of you if YOU might stand in there way of getting what they want. Remember they have no thoughts of sniffing out a child….

So this meme will get you banned on Facebook…

Get the full story here where pages on facebag are being Censored like it’s 1984

I’m betting she’s not voting democrat

What say you…

How we’re going to get Greenland for nothing

Negative mortgage rates in Denmark means the place will be free. So how this will happen is explained here on The keiser report

When 5 million people like that you’ve actually manned up

The couple has been together since 2007 and share daughters Tiana, 1, and Jasmine, 3….but trump is a womanizer. Got it. Story here…with slant.