What the actual eff

Read this diatribe Here


That 15 minutes was up 2 hrs ago

Quit giving idiots press (yea I know but it’s a reminder of NOT WHAT TO DO)

This man gets it. Do you?

Find his message and play it once a day.

Here on Twitter

How we’re going to get Greenland for nothing

Negative mortgage rates in Denmark means the place will be free. So how this will happen is explained here on The keiser report

Get your 3hrs of deconstruction

Listen Here to the best podcast in the universe

Stories to read for the future

Today’s Drudge Report this story Here on social credit score

Yea…I’m going to pass.

There was a reason AT&T was broken up decades ago…

9to5 mac has a great Story here

When 5 million people like that you’ve actually manned up

The couple has been together since 2007 and share daughters Tiana, 1, and Jasmine, 3….but trump is a womanizer. Got it. Story here…with slant.

How to improve your home internet experience

It’s a good read and very easy to do.

Get the Knowledge here